Rift Valley Vision

Rift Valley VisionThrough the Rift Valley Vision Project more than 100,000 Muslims have come to Christ in Ethiopia over the past 10 years. The Rift Valley Vision Project functions under the auspices of the Evangelical Church Fellowship for Southern Ethiopia. We are partners in training and sending missionaries into unreached areas of Ethiopia and the surrounding nations, especially to Muslim peoples. 120 missionaries are currently trained each year in our Certificate of Missionary Outreach program that combines classroom training with practical fieldwork. These students are fully supported during their 9 month program including housing, food, tuition and books. Supplemental times of ministry and encouragement are held each year where missionaries are brought to Hawassa for 2-3 weeks of refreshing, prayer and teaching.

RVVP supports and oversees missionaries in the field. Approximately $50 per month has been provided each missionary in the field but this program is being changed over to a Micro-Loan strategy where a one time amount of $500-$600 USD is provided along with appropriate training so the missionary can start and run their own ongoing business to provide sustainable support during the church planting process.

In service training is provided to missionaries in groups of 25-30 at various locations around the country. This takes many different forms such as training in how to approach and talk to Muslims about Christ, discipleship materials and training in how to disciple Muslims along with appropriate materials in their own language (these materials are developed and printed by SBCE).

Ebenezer Grace Orphanage

Ebenezer GraceThe mission of Ebenezer Grace is to share the love of Christ with the people of Africa by providing support for housing, food, education, spiritual encouragement and love for orphans, vulnerable children, and families.  Ebenezer Grace’s scope of ministry is reaching the city and surrounding communities of Hawassa, Ethiopia.

Day in and day out, our staff loves and serves the children at EGCH.  From the practical duties of: ordering and preparing food to providing clean laundry; caring for sick kids to changing diapers; making sure the kids take naps to singing songs together… they demonstrate a willingness and care that is invaluable and selfless.  These are just a handful of those that are being used to impact these children in His name.

Bethel Street Children’s Project

BeBethel Street Children's Home shotthel Street Children’s Project (Hawassa) – This project has 3 parts. First is the Children’s Home where children live together who have no family to take care of them. These children are housed, fed, and educated at a cost of $100 per month per child. Second there is the in-home educational project where families are provided educational expenses to allow their children to get education that otherwise would not be able to do so, the expense for this project is $60 per month per child. Third are street children who are being helped directly with food or educational supplies but as of now there is no facility for them to be housed. If you would like to support any of these projects designate your giving to “Bethell Street Children” a photograph and information re: your sponsored Child will be provided upon request.