understanding-islamWe are arranging dates for 2015 and 2016 now!

There is a lot of confusion about what Islam really is, what Muslims believe and what is the worldwide Islamic agenda? It is time to clear away that confusion and get some real facts about Islam, it theology, its goals and aspirations, and its methods.Finally, what is an appropriate Christian response to the challenge of Islam today? We offer a 4 hour seminar for your church that explains these topics clearly and removes the haze of confusion over this issue. Dr. Gary Munson has an earned doctorate in outreach and church planting among Muslims . He is an internationally known and respected teacher who will answer questions such as:

1. ┬áIs “Radical Islam” different than “Islam?”

2. What is the Muslim agenda worldwide and how do we know?

3. What is the methodology used to spread Islam and why is that important for Christians to know?

4. What response should the Christian community have toward Islam and toward Muslims?

Contact us today to arrange for Dr. Gary to give this important and life changing seminar at your church today.